Ceremony of Award Winners in Creator’s Factory.Best New Creators Award in Film and Art Section has been decided!

The Ceremony of Award Winners for Creator’s Factory was held on Sunday 19th October. 
Launched at the 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival in order to discover the next generation of talented artists, Creator’s Factory at Kyoto International Film and Art Festival seek submissions not only from filmmakers, but also from artists of various disciplines. 
On the last day of Kyoto International Film and Art Festival, the award ceremony of each section was held. 

The venue Ooe Nogakudo (the Noh Theatre of Ooe family in Kanze style), is a historical building that retains an atmosphere of the Meiji period. Built in 1908 and renovated in 1919, it hosted the event.
The first half talk show was emceed by Akihiro Nishino of King Kong, with guests Kaizo Hayashi of the executive jury of the Creator’s Factory Film Section, director Kiki Sugino, the award winner of for  theBest New Creators Award and Best Actress Award of the first Creator’s Factory at the 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival, and Yasunori Tamaki, jury member of the Creator’s Factory Art Section. 

In the talk show, many topics such as how actress Sugino began her activities as a producer and how movies will be made with the power of independent films were discussed with director Hayashi. Tamaki gave his impression of the art works in the festivals and said that he was surprised that works from such various fields had been presented together. The very meaningful talk show lasted 30 minutes. 
The Ceremony of Award Winners for the Film and Art Sections of Creator’s Factory then took place. Yasunori Tamaki from the Art Section and Kaizo Hayashi, 
Michail Gkinis and Yukihiro Hirose from the Film Section took to the stage to announce the award winners.  

Art Section Award (children)
Chiho Matsuo for “Everybody’s Home”

Art Section Award (adult)
Yuki Harada for “A Girl with Insence”

Grand Prize of the Film Section 
Director Aki Yamamoto for “Nekutai to Kabe”

Trophies were given to each award winner from the jury. The trophy is created as a gold Japanese candle for auspicious occasions, and was made by Nakamura Rosoku. The gold candle is 25 cm tall and was created especially for the festival, with the logo of the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival painted in red ink. 

12 years old Chiho Matsuo, who won the Art Section Award for children said, “I’m very happy to have such a wonderful trophy.”

Yuki Harada, award winner for the Art Section for adults, commented “I’m glad to recieve the award, it has been such a great opportunity.” Harada who is a Japanese traditional painter created the work with her daughter as a model.

Aki Yamamoto, winner of the Grand Prize in the Film Section expressed her pleasure, saying; “it’s honor for me to be chosen at 1st Kyoto International Film and Art Festival,” and collected the trophy together with her son.   

Creator’s Factory received works full of originality from many genres in its first year, and hopes to feature more exciting new talents who can carry on the tradition of art to the next generations.