“Giant Otamatone” Spouts Fire!

We are happy to announce the details of the event “G.O Fire / Kenji Yanobe x Meiwa Denki x Yoshimasa Ishihashi” at the public square of Kyoto City Hall in Kyoto International Film and Art Festival that starts from the opening ceremony at Gion Kobu Kaburenjo Theatre on Thursday 16th October. 
The collaboration project by 3 big name artists from different genres, including Kenji Yanobe (contemporary art), Novumichi Tosa (Meiwa Denki) and Yoshimasa Ishihashi (visual art) will take place at the public square of Kyoto City Hall.
An 8-meter long “Giant Otamatone” co-created by Kenji Yanobe and Meiwa Denki will be set up during the festival time, with a fire performance of the Giant Otamatone directed by Yoshimasa Ishihashi, and an event that Meiwa Denki and Tsubomi will perform from 6pm on Saturday 18th October. 
In addition, a landmark figure of the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival, a “Statue of Daimajin” is scheduled to be displayed at the same venue.
Kenji Yanobe is a contemporary artist based in Kansai and the director of Ultra Factory at the Kyoto University of Art & Design. Globally active troupe Meiwa Denki creates innovative various “non-cense” machines with a style common in small and medium-sized enterprises which supports rapid economic growth in Japan. Yoshimasa Ishihashi works in genre-less activities with visual art as a core of his creation, such as as a director of visual art & performance group “Kyupi Kyupi,” and creating installations and performance art works. Their first collaboration project will come true at the public square of Kyoto City Hall!  
Please enjoy the surprisingly big event, not only in art scene, but also in film world! 

G.O Fire / Kenji Yanobe x Meiwa Denki x Yoshimasa Ishihashi
Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th October 2014
Fire performance from 6 to 7 pm on Saturday 18th October. 
The public square of Kyoto City Hall
488, Kamihonnoji Mae,Teramachi Oike, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8571 Japan