Motion Picture Created from a Flip Book by Tekken! Guests including Jurina Matsui appeared at a cast greeting of “Furiko.”

On Friday 17th October, “Furiko” from the TV Director’s Movie Section was screening at Aeon Cinema Kyoto Katsuragawa. 
The original story of Furiko which became the movie was created as a flip book by Tekken. The comedy generates laughs but also touches on deep emotions between couples and families who are protected by Furiko tokei (a pendulum clock). A cast greeting was held after the screening with Itsuji Itao, Jurina Matsui, Naoko Ken and Norihiro Takenaga (Director) coming up to the stage.
Itao who plays the father of Saki (Manami Konishi) encouraged the audience. “This is the work that staff and cast all created together with deep thought. The film is meaningless if nobody watches it, so I do hope as many people as possible will watch this film. Please recommend your friends if you like this movie!”

Director Takenaga shared the story of a funny conversation between Ken and Takeda, who appeared in the beginning of the movie. It was almost improvisation he said, “it just says ‘fighting by them’ in the script.” Because it was very natural acting, the audience was surprised to find out the secret. 

Takenaga answered a question about the reason why he decided to create the movie, stating: “when I read the comic I was very moved and cried. I was keen to make a movie from this book, and finally I could get the chance to make it.”
Itao commented about the relationship between the husband and wife described in the movie. “There is a proverb ‘You should have manners even in a close relationship’, I think that a marriage requires respect for each other. To create a life together is wonderful.”
Also Itao said that the author Tekken performed in one scene without his characteristic make up. Matsui, played the daughter of Daisuke (Shido Nakamura) and Saki, said “I was very surprised because the child actor is really like me in my childhood.” She added that the communication with the child, including taking pictures together, helped her to relax.
At the end of the event, each of the guests gave a message to audience. Itao said, “Tekken was moved and satisfied with it, so we were very relieved.” Matsui said “I want to see the movie again with my family. Please watch it with your important friends and relatives.” Ken was thinking about her father who passed away 2 years ago. “It remind about my father…. I’d like to take its importance to heart, and take time to be thoughtful to other people.” Director Takenaga also said “I made this movie to let people notice that each second is very important. Please share with your friends as well.”