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at Home

World Premiere
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A father, a mother, an elder son, the eldest daughter, and a younger son. A family of five. For all appearances, a perfectly normal, happy family. However, the conversation around this family’s dinner table is a little out of the ordinary. The father specializes in robbing empty houses. The mother is a professional marriage scam artist. The eldest son specializes in forgeries…

None of these family members hide their professions but are completely open about their illicit activities. One night, the mother goes out for dinner with a wealthy man that is to be her next victim, but is late coming home. The family begins to worry when the phone rings. She has been found out…

The family that had seemed so carefree, optimistic, and peaceful. It turns out that none of these people were related. Each of them has a history and separate families of their own.
Does being related by blood, make a family? Or if they live together, does that make them a family?
So what is it that makes a family a family?
When people learn to connect with others, when they are placed in a difficult situation, how is it that they react? In this day and age where family issues are hotly debated in the news on practically a daily basis, we are likely to be moved by common sense and preconceptions.

This is why we will be showing our audience this unusual movie with its unique message and sharp edges.

A story about people hurt by family and who are ultimately saved by their family ties. Yes, a family requires effort to make it work.


Yutaka Takenouchi, Yasuko Matsuyuki, Kentaro Sakaguchi, Yuina Kuroshima, Yuto Ikeda, Daisuke Muramoto, Jun Kunimura

Director・Work Data

Hiroshi Chono
「at Home」Production Committee