Art Section

Exhibition of Traditional Craft Collaborative Work between - Former Rissei Elementary School

Exhibition of collaborative work between traditional craft artisan of Kyoto, modern artists and well-known figure creative “Kaiyodo”.

Saikin (gold leaf cutting): Otsuka Kasen

Exhibition of collaborative works with Kaiyodo figures and other traditional crafts, lecture and experiencing of gold leaf cutting and original product shop.

Wa-Gashi (Japanese confectionery): Kagizen-Yoshifusa

Exhibition of collaborative works between craft confectionery, Kaiyodo figures and other traditional crafts at the Moto-Rissei elementary.

Wa-Rosoku (Japanese candles): Nakamura Candles

[Japanese Candles] Nakamura Rosoku×[Kirigane]×[Figurines] Kaiyodo

Photo:表恒匡|SANDWICH/©2014 Kanto Gardening & Design

Keisuke Kanto(Landscaping)xSANDWICH(Director:Kohei Nawa) Installation

An installation by landscaper Keisuke Kanto and “SANDWICH” directed by sculptor Kohei Nawa. Don’t miss this first attempt to collaborate between the “contemporary” and the “traditional”!

Work Shop - Former Rissei Elementary School

Workshop by Kyoto’s achieved traditional craft artisan.

Wa-Rosoku (Japanese candles): Nakamura Candles

Workshop of candle painting. – fee-based

Workshop of candle painting. – fee-based

Workshop of Makyo(Chinese magic mirror) and tin production as accessories at the factory’s craft studio. – fee-based

Kodo (incense burning): Yamada-Matsu Koboku Shop

Lecture of incense, Kodo experiencing and create scent-bags. – fee-based

Gofun-Nail (chalk manicure): Ueba Esou

Lecture of gofun chalks and experiencing the manicure. At Moto-Rissei elementary. -free

Washi (Japanese paper): Tanaka Paper Manufacturing Industry

Workshop to learn and create Japanese paper. -free

Sakan (plaster): Kyoto Sakan Cooperative Association

Experiencing and demonstrating of plaster and exhibition of mud-balls. -free

[Kirikane] Kasen Otsuka