Art Section

Kyoto City Hall 10/16(Thu.)–10/19 (Sun.)


Collaborative work by Kenji Yanobe, Yoshimasa Ishihashi, and Meiwa Denki

In May, these three artists participated in a pre-event held during Artcomplex 1928 in a collaborative project. Yanobe Kenji and Akikazu Denki exhibited a large-scale collaboration in the public square of Kyoto City Hall, and during the exhibition, plan a performance which will be directed and choreographed by director Ishibashi Yoshimasa.
In addition, a landmark figure of the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival, a “Statue of Daimajin” is scheduled to be displayed at this same venue.

Kyoto Museum of Culture 10/18(Sat.)–10/19 (Sun.)

Photo:Kazuo Fukunaga

Chie Matsui Purusha

Matsui is known for her series of films based roughly on the story of Heidi, the little girl who lived in the Swiss Alps which was written by Johanna Spyri. These films have received high acclaim both within Japan and from abroad. Yurinsou (Oohara Mansion, old alternative house) and other sites were used to film in HEIDI 54 Purusha which will be available for viewing during the film festival. At the Kyoto Culture Foundation “The Museum of Kyoto” 6th floor museum gallery, in a luxurious space, consisting of a Japanese room created in the manner of Heian era palatial architecture, which will be created specifically for the viewing of this film.

Former Rissei Elementary School 10/16(Thu.)–10/19 (Sun.)

Creators Factory (Art Section) Exhibition

Art work exhibition of Creators Factory Art Section. Works that have passed the preliminary examination from both general and youth category will be exhibited and be awarded by the jury during the session.
→Details of Creator's Factory

Exhibition of Works by“Hajime Anzai x Hiroko Ichihara”

The previously popular project has returned. An installation of a special version of “Koi Mikuji Gachagacha” and collaborative goods will be sold.

The World of Tekken’s Flip Book

Tekken’s flip book exhibition, scheduled in September at the @kcua (Gallery Aqua), will be exhibited at the Moto-Rissei elementary school.

©Yodogawa-Technique/Courtesy of YUKARI ART

Yodogawa Technique Art Exhibition

Held at the field will be large-scale art exhibition by art-unit “Yodogawa Technique” known for their unique production made of trash and floating objects from the Yodogawa-river in Osaka.


Ellie Omiya’s Readings

Ellie Omiya, known for as writer, film director and other wide variety of works, will conduct a reading filled with her unique interpretation at the hall.

Campus Genius Selection

Screening of animation and image products chosen from the award winning works of various contests as Student CG Contest and Cultural Affairs Agency Media Art Festival at the special theater.

KAORUKO Exhibition

An exhibition of paintings & talk event KAORUKO by KAORUKO, who is active in New York.

“Manami” Exhibition

“Collage” exhibition by the multi- talented Manami, who has worked as an entertainer and has earned high grades at Japanese calligraphy.

Minori Kanda” Installation

An installation where you can enjoy the unique point of view of Minori Kanda, aiming to be a “New Wave Idol”.

Aeon Mall Kyoto - 10/19(Sun.)〜11/7(Fri.)

Kyary Pamyu Pamuseum 2 x Yoshimoto Shinkigeki Costume Exhibition

With the success of the first Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s national costume exhibition tour in 2013, “Kyary Pamyu Pamuseum” is coming, more powerful and renewed! This year, as a special event unique to the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival, there will be a collaboration with the “Yoshimoto Shinkigeki” costume exhibition.

Hotel Anteroom Kyoto 9/5(Fri.)–9/28 (Sun.)

©ANZAI HAJIME/©Hiroko Ichihara

Exhibition of Hajime Anzai × Hiroko Ichihara

Two-person exhibition from 9/5 (Fri.)–9/28 (Sun.) featuring illustrator Hajime Anzai, known for the Mishearing Hour, and modern word artist Hiroko Ichihara. In this exhibition ANTEROOM KYOTO, which will be showing more diversified artwork than usual, combines the worldviews of these two artist who work in completely different genres.

@KCUA 9/13(Sat.)–9/21 (Sun.)

Tekken “The World of Flipbook Manga Exhibition”

Tekken, a Japanese comic and artist, has received a great deal of acclaim both in Japan and from abroad about the simple stories and homemade-feel of his artwork which has drawn tears from readers of his flip books manga. This exhibition covers the production process including the following exhibitions: [Exhibition of the original images], [Screening of flip book comic “films”], and [make your own flip book comics workshop]. Visitors can delve and experience the world of Tekken’s flip book comics for themselves.

Exhibition of work by director Ujicha, “The Burning Buddha Man”

Currently lives in Uji city in Kyoto prefecture. Developed an interest in gekimation (a mix of manga and animation) filmmaking while in college, and began creating her own films. Her first movie, The Burning Buddha Man has made a huge impact and was been very well received at the 17th media art festival entertainment division, winning the grand prize award. During this exhibition, The Burning Buddha Man will be shown and valuable original images from the film will be available for viewing.

協力:GALLERY Ami-Kanoko

Exhibition of woodblock prints created by Thai children

Ralph Kijer?? A woodblock artist living in Thailand, will be exhibiting the woodprints that he created with children from a minority ethnic group who live in Northern Thailand. The objective is to encourage these children who can only find low-paying employment, and who, because they do not have the requisite citizenship, are not even permitted to go to school. In order to bring some pleasure to their lives, Ralph held a workshop for these children. The art was printed using Japanese woodblock printing technology and will be sold at the exhibition. All profits will go to an NGO that supports the education of these children by providing school supplies and supportive night classes.

Kyoto Station Building

©Satoru Tamura/Courtesy of TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY

Satoru Tamura Love Machine

A major doorway to Kyoto is the Kyoto Station building XXXX where many people pass on the way to and from this great city. The work of Satoru Tamura will be shown, an artist who is actively holding exhibitions in Japan and abroad and who attempts to provide his audience around the world with an eclectic mix of both shock and laughter to release tension. The art on exhibition this time will include the enormous “Love Machine” which was first shown during the Aichi Triennale” in 2013. It has a height of 2.5 m. Heavy chains giving off a faint sound of grease as they go around and around forming the character that means love. It attempt to appeal to your senses of Love in a slightly heavy handed manner. At the same venue, the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival will also have a promotional exhibition on view. The inaugural Kyoto International Film and Art Festival will be promoted at Kyoto Station which is also the doorway to both the city where the festival will be held as well as the festival itself.